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Our company is an expert in strategic business development
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We have assembled an effective team from different industries of the business to offer you best practices for customer experience, data discovery and processing, and strategic forecasting for 10 years to come. By selecting an individual set of services for you, the proposed options will perfectly describe your situation and allow you to implement a quick solution. You can see the first positive results after the first weeks of working with us. If you do not want to go through a long path of development from the very beginning, making typical mistakes, then you can definitely rely on the help of our specialists in the implementation of the planned plans.

Our approach is based on the rationality of each decision made. We appreciate our employees for their independence, but absolutely always everyone acts as a single team. Each of our clients is perceived within the team as a member of this team. The team always acts together. You can be sure of each decision made, since instead of one person, the whole team is involved in the search for solutions. We know exactly how to build trust with our customers.
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Oise Trade Poland has come a long way before becoming today's team and today's company.

The continuous development of our company to date includes:
• Constant study of existing solutions and search for their implementation,
• Creating new solutions that companies need in the market,
• The courage of applying new practices and their successful implementation. We always bring the decision to implementation,
• Constant professional growth of each employee and, as a result, the growth of the entire team,
• Openness to new opportunities and prospects.

All this has been and remains the main sources of our development, strength and competitive advantage. Due to the volume of work performed and their versatile specifics, Оіse Trade has developed its own existing methods that allow them to be quickly and repeatedly used to solve typical problems, taking into account the varieties of any project.
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Each of our clients gets a special approach to solving their business problems. Our team constantly updates its knowledge and emphasizes the successful experience of other players in the market. We work with different industries and have developed a unique approach that allows companies to develop, not limited to standard terms of cooperation. Among our recent achievements, we can highlight the following cases:

For the company that sells Agro products, we were able to get more favorable terms of cooperation with the supplier. Our company was able to find the necessary details and modernize the equipment in a short time, before the start of the harvest. This allowed our client to receive a deferred payment for products and invest in promotions to a new market.

For a company that sells electronics, we were able to find new potential partners. After a reputation check, we were able to recommend to our client new business partners with whom a favorable agreement was concluded. This expanded the sales chain and allowed to stimulate sales.

For the company that installs the production equipment, we have created a new marketing program. Our team has developed new monetization methods - paid service subscriptions and hardware firmware for loyal customers.

For the mass demand goods industry, we are introducing digital solutions that allow us to increase sales volumes. This includes user identification systems, processing individual preferences and creating special offers. This approach allows you to build long-term relationships with customers and form loyalty.
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For rapid growth, we offer our customers to take advantage of the new work format - Dropshipping.
This format of work is suitable for large and small organizations, as it has a number of advantages:
• Allows you to quickly expand your range
• Eliminates transportation-related costs
• Does not require funds to maintain a warehouse
• No need to hire a large number of maintenance personnel
Join the work in the dropshipping format and you can provide a fundamentally new result.