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Oise Trade Limited was created on the basis of the best practices of highly qualified specialists from various industries. By analyzing the state of the market, key players and their working methods we came up with a set of services that less successful players on the market need.

What can we offer?
  • Conducting research,
  • Creation of marketing programs,
  • Creation of a product sales chain,
  • Negotiations,
  • Registration of the transaction,
  • Additional services on individual request.
These services form the basic growth opportunities that allow the company to build a strong foundation for strategic business development. On this foundation it is possible to build reliable relationships with partners, enter new markets and receive additional discounts from suppliers. For a full list of services, please go to the Services page.
Each client is unique
Bondarenko Natalia, the founder of the company, is engaged in forming a team for each project independently. Each of our projects gets the necessary competencies and basic services for further business development. Our specialists never generalize problems to be solved. Delving into the specifics of each project, we study all the nuances and key points. Experience allows us to reject unnecessary details, without missing really important goals. No frills. Only after gathering full and reliable information OlSE Trade specialists will be able to understand what is really important and what can be neglected, thus preventing decisions from becoming victims of compromises.
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We take an individual approach to each client. For us it is not just words. Typical solutions from available resources, as a rule, look good only on paper. When you try to implement them in real life, as a rule all the problems are revealed, and sometimes they arise only after a lapse of time. Unfortunately, more and more often it is necessary not just to solve a problem, but to deal with the consequences of previous solutions. There are no universal solutions. Even seemingly identical tasks may have different solutions for each business. The sooner you turn to ОІSE Trade specialists for help, the sooner you'll get a quality result. Thanks to our accumulated experience, we don't just provide solutions and recommendations, but are fully ready to implement them.
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