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CSR has evolved from a voluntary choice by individual companies to mandatory rules at regional, national and international levels. However, many companies choose to go beyond legal requirements and embed the idea of 'doing good' in their business models.

Oise Trade Limited is doing its part in caring for the environment:
- We support waste sorting.
- A container for used batteries is provided in the office.
- All work documents are filled in on the back, to save paper.
- We use energy-saving diode lights for lighting in the office.
- All employees are assessed on the basis of their qualifications alone when they are hired.
- We maintain an ethical employment relationship in the company, which in turn attracts and retains employees
Oise Trade Limited does not use CSR as a marketing scheme, the point is to act transparently for the benefit of the planet and our fellow human beings. The more participants we have, the more significant the global results will be. Even small steps to change your way of life, with each person's action, will have huge results. Don't underestimate your contribution. With our combined efforts, we can make a difference.

Every year our planet suffers from pollution. Large amounts of plastic, inefficient use of natural resources, wasteful use of energy. All of this will affect our quality of life in the long run. Moreover, the melting of glaciers is no longer just a warning or a fiction, it has already been proven time and again by various international organisations. This is just a small example of how our actions are causing irreparable damage to our only home - planet Earth. If we do not act now, our children will not be able to live in a place as beautiful and unique as you and I. Change has already begun, don't take the future of all life and beauty on this planet lightly.
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If you are even attracted to the idea of corporate and social responsibility, but don't know where to start, start small.
Don't throw your rubbish in the communal bins. Sort it for recycling. These simple actions will help save forests from being cut down for new paper. There will be fewer batteries in the environment that pollute the soil and drinking water with harmful substances. Animals will stop dying from eating plastic and from simply getting entangled in the rubbish and not being able to get out.

CO2 emissions have already started to fall, but the problem is still there and it is up to you and me to deal with it. Humans know how to draw conclusions from the lives of their ancestors. Advances in technology have made it possible to find ever more sophisticated methods of green energy which also save nature. But the fight has only just begun.
By working honestly and transparently with our partners, making them aware of possible risks above and beyond the legal limits, Oise Trade Poland automatically becomes participants in social responsibility.

For business, this also brings enormous benefits. Don't wait for the industry to catch up. The problems are so widespread that more and more countries and organisations are starting to tightly control various industries and introduce new regulations. By taking action today, you can avoid problems tomorrow and get ahead of your competitors. CSR initiatives are a win-win for everyone involved. The impact of your actions will not only appeal to socially conscious consumers and employees, but most importantly, help change the world for the better. Become part of a brighter future and let's achieve results together working as a team!
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