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Oise Trade Limited creates a unique solution for each client. We use 360* information evaluation to create an "objective picture" of the client's business.

Very often all the work is based on the wishes of the management, its view on the future development of the company. In this situation the result of the work may not bring the desired indicators of development. While the service itself has been provided with maximum quality, the initial task was set incorrectly. In our work we try to avoid such situations. We analyze information not only from the company management, but also conduct our own research, which helps us to build a complete picture before starting work.
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Our services:
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Conducting an audit
We offer our clients to start with an assessment of the company's current situation. Our audit allows us to evaluate the business according to 170 parameters, which we derived as a result of global scientific research. Such an assessment shows the "Before" point, so that we can build business processes with a long-term development perspective.
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Conducting research
OlSE Trade takes care of searching and checking the reputation of each of the suppliers or prospective business partners. We will check stated deadlines, actual availability of goods and exclude intermediate links from deliveries in order to optimize business processes. We continually conduct market research to understand market trends and find the right products.
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Customer service analysis
Very often our clients' businesses suffer losses due to ineffective sales and promotion management. Instead of doing an RFM analysis of the customer base and promoting sales to loyal customers, managers hold sales to new customers and waste the advertising budget. We analyze the customer base and develop guidelines for working with each customer cohort.
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Marketing audit and evaluation of the sales chain
We evaluate the communication of the business with its target audience, find promising insights and examples of implementation. Our recommendations will give your business a new round of creativity and new ideas to market your products. We also assess existing sales chains and can additionally negotiate with prospective partners who can reduce your costs and maintain the quality of your products.
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Analysis of organizational and corporate structure
In many companies the whole corporate structure is reduced to controlling business processes and does not imply work on the strategic development of the company. Oise Trade Company organizes trainings for employees and management of companies, which help to create a strong and motivated team with a common vision of the future. And a properly motivated team will allow to take a high place on the market.
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Oise Trade dropshipping company understands the importance of a person in business. That's why we allocate a separate direction in our work. Our team will undertake all organizational work, create presentation materials and conduct negotiations. We also provide services for exhibitions, press conferences, creation of presentations on individual terms.
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Registration of the transaction
To solidify any agreements, it is necessary to document your intentions. Often all agreements between partners are agreed verbally and as a result of such a decision a one-page agreement is signed with acknowledgement of ownership. Such format does not provide an understanding of the full list of responsibilities and risks of each party, and in crisis situations it is impossible to defend the interests of the owner and save the business. For maximum confidence in strategic decisions we make analysis of risks, build a scoring model with assignment of risk coefficients to each factor and fix these points in the contract. Our contracts are legally reviewed and comply with all legal requirements.
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Customized solutions
We conduct a comprehensive audit, which helps to identify weaknesses in the business of our clients and digitize opportunities for development. We will develop for you the necessary CRM system, conduct an analytical audit of the customer base, build a forecasting model that will allow you to increase sales. The list of our services is discussed for each client on individual terms and depends on the business objectives of the company.
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