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An additional sale is an offer to the customer to add something to the main order, or to buy an upgraded version of the product they specified in their order. This is an important tool for increasing revenue in the merchandise business. It is important to understand that upselling is part of customer service, taking care of the customer, not pushing goods and services.
Upselling is a sales technique aimed at encouraging a customer to buy a more expensive or upgraded version of a product. The offer should be made in a way that helps the person make the best decision for them. For example, the customer wants to buy a smartphone of a certain model and the salesperson recommends buying a smartphone of the same brand and model range, but with better features.

Crossell - the customer is offered goods that can be used with the main product. For example, someone has ordered a video recorder and you suggest they buy a memory card. You can also recommend any car accessories, as the video recorder is a product for drivers. The obligatory condition is a good discount on the additional product. At the same time, you must remember that the additional sale at a reduced price should be advantageous for you. Oise Trade Dropshipping has developed and applies its methodology and its built up dialogues when talking to customers. We would like to share some of our experiences with you.
Drive additional sales through your website
When a visitor to an online store clicks on the "Add to Cart" or "Checkout" button, it is the perfect time to offer recommended products.

Placing a recommendation block on the site solves this problem:
  • Increases the conversion rate. The visitor can buy a more expensive product from the recommended ones. Or buy in addition to the selected product and the suggested accessories.
  • Improves behavioural factors. Increases the depth of browsing, the time spent on the site and the number of pages viewed.
  • Makes it easier to navigate the site. The user does not have to look at a large number of products. They immediately see items in a similar price range, models with better features and complementary products that they may not have considered when placing their order. For example, a person might have bought a laptop but forgotten to order a mouse or a case.
  • Familiarise the customer with the range. People often come to the site to study information about a particular product. Recommendations allow you to unobtrusively suggest other products and familiarise them with the range.
  • Demand stimulation. Recommendations create demand for less popular or "luxury" products.
  • Increases sales frequency. People buy more often and return for repeat purchases to stores that accept recommendations.
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Additional sales over the phone
You can offer the customer the chance to buy additional goods during a phone call to clarify information about the order.

You need to prepare for the call. You need to know the information about what you are selling. You should have a plan of the conversation in front of you, an order form on which the customer's name is already written, and you will add information to it in the course of the communication. A person should be called by his name, it will be pleasant for him. But do not confuse the name - it will be a mistake. You should concentrate on the conversation and listen carefully to the client.
The plan of action is as follows:
  1. Say hello, call the person by name.
  2. Confirm the order. Confirm that the customer really wants to buy this particular product.
  3. Find out where the goods are to be delivered. We then inform the customer of the delivery method, the cost and the estimated time of arrival. It is also necessary to check whether the customer will be able to receive the package at the agreed time, e.g. if they are on holiday or away on business.
  4. Once you have clarified the customer's details and the delivery address, it is time to offer additional goods. You can use one of the following "We have an interesting promotion in our shop. If you order a video recorder today, you can also buy a mobile phone stand at a reduced price. You can buy it for yourself if you don't have a mobile phone holder in your car. Or you can buy it as a gift for your friends. This is how we tell the customer why they should make this additional purchase. Be sure to highlight the benefits and how much they will save.
  5. At the end of the conversation, it's worth asking if the customer has any questions and thanking them for their order.

Additional sales should be offered with each order. About 20-30% of customers accept them. But the offers must be appropriate: if a person is in a hurry or dissatisfied with the quality of the service, it is better to say goodbye without trying to sell anything else. Successfully using additional offers can increase your average sale by 20-50%.

Customer relations analysis
Customer Relationship Analysis is one of the services offered by Oise Trade Poland to companies. Our experts will help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your customer relations. Oise Trade develops methodological recommendations for working with each group of customers. This will give your company new impetus for development and new ideas for promoting your products.
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