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Email marketing remains one of the most profitable and effective promotional tools on the web. To make your mailings as effective and efficient as possible, it is important to understand how to use them correctly.

In the early stages of the classic sales funnel, where you need to drive traffic to your website, email marketing will not be the most effective tool. It's better to use contextual advertising and targeting. This is exactly what the marketers at Oise Trade Limited do. But converting the traffic you receive into leads is exactly the stage where you should be using email marketing.
Warm up the customer
Once you've made contact with a customer, it's important to "warm them up" with a welcome series of emails. The first communication should be automatic. Set up your newsletter to send emails based on customer action or inaction. In the letters, you can explain your benefits, algorithms of cooperation and much more. It is better if the settings take into account the characteristics of each customer: whether they have bought a product, how they react to the emails you send, etc. A well-crafted series of welcome emails increases the likelihood of converting visitors into buyers.
Transactional mail system
This is the type of email that accompanies a purchase. They include abandoned basket reminders, order receipt notifications, feedback emails and others.

Often, customers select a product, add it to the basket, but do not pay for it. In such a case, it is important to think about two or three emails that will motivate a person to come back and complete the order. Such emails can be sent after two hours and after one day. The first email is a simple reminder of a forgotten item. The second is a reminder that the product is about to run out and the price may change, and urges the customer to complete the order. By implementing such a system of letters, you will avoid losing customers at the checkout stage and increase your sales. The specialists at Oise Trade will help you set up a chain of letters and achieve your company's marketing objectives.
Collect leads
A potential customer who visits a website is usually not ready to make a purchase. This is why you should consider ways of capturing customer leads. These can include subscription forms, lead magnets and more. These should be set up in such a way that the customer is motivated to leave their email address. It is important that the request to share contacts is native, i.e. relevant to the user's situation and needs. For example, you can place a form to request a consultation on the home page and a lead magnet with a price list or subscription discount in the online shop section. If you guess what the customer wants, they are more likely to leave their email.
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Post-sale letter system
Business owners usually put a lot of effort into the initial sale to a customer, but little effort into getting the customer to return to their shop. Newsletters are a cost-effective way to encourage customers to buy again. In a post-sale series of letters, you can clarify what product the customer would like to buy in the future, offer a bonus or discount - maximising their motivation to buy again.

Content mailings
They help to stay in the customer's mind, to tell him how to solve this or that problem, to build loyalty and trust in the brand. Oise Trade's managers often use this method to promote new services to regular customers.
Rules for effective e-mail marketing
  • Try to automate your mailings as much as possible.
  • Always work on segmentation and personalisation of emails. Relevant emails are more effective.
  • Use an omnichannel approach. Not only email newsletters, but also SMS, browser alerts, messages in messengers can strengthen the sales funnel.

With the right email marketing setup, you can more effectively convert traffic into leads, motivate customers to make a first purchase, increase sales conversions and ensure repeat purchases.
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