Managing people: principles for building a strong team

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People are one of the most important assets a business owner can rely on. Any tangible asset can be acquired or restored. You can get an investor, take steps to increase sales or take out a loan. But an asset like a team is very difficult to acquire quickly. It usually takes years.
Oise Trade Poland introduces you to the basic principles of team building:

  1. Strong players.
  2. A developed recruitment function.
  3. A goal.
  4. A clear organisational structure.
  5. An internal development system.
  6. A set of rules.
  7. Corporate culture.
  8. Leaders.
A strong team only has strong players
A strong team only has strong and reliable players. If you include weak players in such a team, it will suffer. No matter how professional your sales people are, no matter how great your production is, if you take a weak marketing person, you simply won't have any customers.

Team members should fit the model of your corporate culture in terms of personality. You will need to have many conversations with your subordinates, but not everyone will listen to your ideas. Many people work just to support themselves or their families. It is very important that you get people excited about the idea of the company itself.

Everyone on your team should not only be strong, but also reliable. You should not tolerate people who undermine the corporate culture and prevent the company from developing.

If a person does not fit the culture, you can give them a chance to change. Unless, of course, ethical and moral boundaries are violated (a person lies, sabotages the work of the team, steals, etc.). Talk to the employee, set a time limit for change and schedule a new meeting. If there is no progress, it is better to replace the person.
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Advanced recruiting
To be able to change people quickly, you need a strong recruiting function. It should be a separate function in your organisational structure. Department heads should not be responsible for recruitment. The sooner you have a recruiter, the better. He or she will help you build the strong team you want.

For a group of people to become a team and act as one, they need to know the purpose. One of the most important tasks of a leader is to formulate a goal and constantly remind them of it. Failures, problems and difficulties always distract from the goal and focus people's attention on other issues. When you evaluate the results of the work, when you make plans for the next period, do not forget to remind yourself why you are doing all this.
Organisational structure
In a good, real team, each player knows his role and the functions of his partners. Only then will interaction be effective.

If a company does not have an organisational structure and business processes, do not expect order. There are companies where everyone does everything. In such a group of people it is impossible to achieve teamwork, because it implies coherence. Even the coolest people in such companies will fall into a cycle of chaos.

But there is a flip side. Owners and managers, trying to help people and make things better, take on as many different functions as possible. The other players in the game become spectators, happily applauding when the manager does something well. Meanwhile, the manager bends under the weight of all sorts of duties and responsibilities. This is not teamwork. If you want to be a leader who manages a team, you have to give other people work and make sure it gets done.

To run a business effectively, you need to develop a functional structure with defined centres of responsibility, performance expectations and established business processes. Each team member should be told exactly what their job is and how they should interact with others.
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Internal development system
As long as you have a small company, say 10 people, you can manage the team personally. When the staff grows and the structure is formed, there will be department heads. And they will be responsible for their people, their motivation, goal setting, discipline, development, work efficiency and other factors.

Many department heads are good marketers, managers, financiers, but at the same time they do not know how to manage people. If the boss does not have managerial skills, then consider that this link of the company works ineffectively.

That is why it is necessary to spend time on the development of managers. Send them on training courses, develop training programmes, define compliance standards, carry out certifications. All department heads should be brought up to the same standard of people management.
The Rules
This is a code that clearly defines what is and is not acceptable in a team. Rules do not appear of their own accord. They have to be created by the leader.

Some people don't like instructions, rules, etc. But it is impossible to create a strong team if at least the basic principles and rules of work are not set down on paper.

Corporate culture
Human resources management is a balance between two sets of tools: administrative and cultural. The better the corporate culture, the fewer administrative management tools you need. In this case, people work on the basis of awareness, responsibility, the development of good habits and quality interaction.

Administrative tools are coercive. They force people to work. The lower the level of corporate culture, the more you need administrative tools. An important approach to personnel management is to bet on the formation of a high-level corporate culture. Teamwork that is enjoyable for all employees is the hallmark of a healthy team.
A team cannot function without a captain. He has to set goals, assign roles, monitor performance and get efficiency from team members. This is the leader's job. A successful team is always led by a conscious and competent leader who knows what he is doing. In this case, the team will exist for a long time and not just exist, but grow and develop.

Oise Trade company organises training sessions for employees and company managers to help create a strong and motivated team with a shared vision of the future. A properly motivated team will allow you to take a high position in the market.
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