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How do I get the digitisation process started?
Digitization is a very ambitious undertaking which, if approached incorrectly, may result in the loss of valuable time and a wasted budget. To avoid mistakes, you need to think ahead and consider key steps and potential pitfalls.

Digital business: step by step
Step 0: Finding trustworthy partners. You need to find a company that can help with the digitisation of your business. Most tasks require a high level of expertise, long-term partnership and responsibility. You cannot cope with such tasks by yourself, while creating new positions for relatively one-time tasks is pointless. Freelancers won't help here. Explore all the options, choose a few, talk to the managers, and then make your choice. We are sure that your choice will be in favour of Оise Trade Poland.

Step 1: Analyze the business. The first thing a competent contractor will want to know about your business is everything. Don't be intimidated, this is normal practice. Provide the developers with all the information they need. A detailed analysis is important to identify your target audience, study your competitors, and identify your business' strengths and weaknesses. This is the only way to understand in which direction the development should go.
Step 2: Setting goals and objectives. After completing the analysis of your current situation, it is very important to set the right goals that you want to achieve through digitalization. The tasks to be accomplished will be predetermined by the goals set. This stage is very important because it determines the nature of the product and the course of its development. Later on, with these activities, you will be able to compare the results to the original objectives and see if the goals have been reached and if the objectives have been met.

Step 3: Analysis and preparation of the terms of reference. Based on the key points you have prepared and the goals you have set, you can move on to a detailed product description. The Oise Trade company needs to know all the functionality, appearance requirements and all your expectations from the development. The requirements specification is made according to certain rules and standards, so that it is convenient for developers to put it into practice. Our experts always help to correctly draw up a comprehensive requirements specification, which will meet all the requirements and most importantly, will be understandable to all.
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Step 4: Development. This step is the responsibility of the developer, and consists of many intermediate stages. But your participation in development is also necessary. You, as an Оisе Trade Limited client, will be involved in the decision-making and development of the product even before the release. One trivial example is design. We will give you several design variants and you as our client will choose the one you like or suggest revisions. But this example is quite simple, and in the course of the project development the clients should be ready to make rather complicated decisions about the product.

Step 5: Transform processes. Developed tools do not bring benefit on their own, it is necessary to restructure the processes in the company so that the tool brings maximum benefit. Digitalization is always a big change in the process. More often than not, because of the globality of changes in work, you have to re-train your employees on how to use the new program and work in a new way.
Step 6: Marketing promotion. When your resource is just entering the market, it is important to set up a proper advertising campaign, choose a strategy and eventually attract clients. If you are already working with a huge customer base and they are already using the product, you still need to present it and tell them about the changes. This is so fo that they have as few questions as possible when using it. This is not only important for them, but also for you.

Step 7: Further development. With almost any success, it is important to think immediately about the prospects and not to rest on your laurels. Regular analysis of your company's current situation and simple collection and processing of customer feedback will help you. Don't overload your clients with unnecessary questions, ask what really matters. Often there are useful suggestions and comments there.

With these simple steps, you'll be able to take your business up a few levels and provide yourself with prospects for further growth. Development will help ensure that you have a competitive edge, a good reputation and satisfied customers. Taken together, this is revenue growth.

Oise Trade allows our clients to rely not only on the development of a tool that will work, but also on experts to guide them all the way from conception to implementation and even support once the product is released.
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