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Dropshipping is a popular and relatively simple way of organising a merchandise business. In this way of working, the seller only acts as an intermediary. They advertise the goods and connect the buyer with the manufacturer or supplier of the goods. You do not buy the goods, you do not store them, you simply find a customer to whom the supplier will send the goods. The seller's income is the difference between the purchase price and the final price to the consumer. But don't think that success in this business comes without work and effort. No, dropshipping is a real business where you have to work hard, try, think and take risks. Otherwise, instead of success and wealth, you will end up with disappointment and bankruptcy.

The specialists at Oise Trade have drawn up a selection of important points to bear in mind when developing a dropshipping business.
Some people believe that dropshipping is an easy and guaranteed way to get rich. Others are so afraid of failure that they face every obstacle with dread. They don't even start their business because they're afraid. The truth, as always, lies somewhere in the middle. It is very important that you objectively understand that dropshipping is a business with its own risks and nuances. It takes work to be successful. You need to invest your time and effort.

It is important to approach the business with a cool head. If you start a business and are afraid of making a mistake, you will not achieve much. Mistakes are normal. Give yourself the right to make them and gain experience.

Product selection
Choose simple products that other dropshippers are already selling. Don't start with clothes, bags, jewellery and other products that people prefer to buy from well-known brands.
Quality of goods
Not paying attention to the quality of goods is a big mistake. It leads to returns, unhappy customers and a bad reputation. All this can be avoided by simply checking the quality of the product. Read reviews, check real photos posted by buyers. If there are few reviews, order the product yourself and check the quality. Also check the delivery time and the quality of the packaging. Remember, the simpler the product, the fewer complaints and returns there will be. At Oise Trade dropshipping, we teach our customers how to find the manufacturer and check the quality of the goods and service.

Cost control
You must keep a clear record of all your expenses (advertising, taxes, returns, etc.). This will help you to identify where you can reduce them. For example, you can significantly reduce the cost of returns by refusing to buy poor quality goods.
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Supplier relationships
Don't be afraid to deal directly with suppliers, manufacturers and distributors - they need to work with you too. If the goods are sold successfully, you can ask the supplier for a special discount to further reduce the purchase price.

Do not use all possible advertising platforms. Such a dispersion of resources will be absolutely useless. Concentrate on one platform, such as Facebook. It has a very large audience and clever algorithms will help to promote the product effectively in the long term.

Don't chase a wide range of products. Focus on one area. For example, if it's baby products, it could be just teats and bottles. If it's home products, it could be just cushions. Start by working with one target group. Over time, you will know exactly who they are and what they want. Once you are successful in one area, you can expand into another niche, ideally one that is compatible with the one you have already become an expert in.
Focus on what matters first. Global changes produce big results. Then you can test the details.

What to focus on first:
  • Targeting - it's important to test different audience interests;
  • Creative - find the best photos and videos for your products and ads;
  • Price - determine the price that will generate the most profit.

Sources of information
Many dropshippers share their experiences, talk about business strategies, approaches, nuances, etc. It is clear that not everything will lead to results. Do not make the study of information an endless process. Do not rush from one strategy to another. It is important to choose a path, to follow it, to improve. If on this path you dybyshit the desired results, then you can experiment with other strategies, products, types of income, etc.

To make life easier for aspiring entrepreneurs and business people who want to expand their business, Oise Trade company has developed a range of services. They are based on the study of the experience of the best representatives of various sectors. You will receive professional advice and recommendations that will help you decide on the necessary steps to take to develop your business.
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