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Whether we like it or not, the internet has become part of our lives. Google processes more than 9 billion searches every day. A stable search ranking guarantees an influx of new customers and the loyalty of "old" customers. SEM is search engine marketing that uses paid advertising tools to increase a website's position in search results and attract leads.

There are many different components to a successful search engine marketing strategy. Oise Trade Poland marketers advise novice and experienced entrepreneurs on how to get websites into the top 10 of Google searches. Let's talk about them.

How does "search" work?
A search engine uses robots (called "spiders" or "crawlers") to "crawl" all the content on the web by traversing pages and storing information in databases.

Google's search algorithms identify ads by keywords, extracting data from the search index and producing information for a given query. The system filters content and ignores inappropriate content. Google shows ads with high rankings in the top positions. Position, or ad rank, depends on the quality of the ad, search context, price, bid, budget and competition, keywords and other factors.
This is an important question. It can be difficult to set up an ad for a layperson. You need to tailor content to specific users who share one or more attributes:

  • company type
  • location/geography
  • age
  • buying habits
  • Preferences and interests

Search engine marketing is a business. Where the deciding factor is the cost per click (CPC). Make sure you have enough money to advertise your products online. Otherwise, you will have to cut back on the advertising campaign, spend time and not get the result - customers. Test the proposed bidding strategies, pay attention to phrase matching.
Target audience
Who is your ideal customer? What do you want to achieve with your marketing campaign? Knowing this will help you determine which keywords to use for targeting and create relevant adverts. Understand your target audience, their demographics and geography. Define your goals.
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Make sure your adverts focus on your customers, their needs and interests. Highlight the features and benefits of your product/service. Analyse which keywords are being used to find your website. What words do people type into a search engine? Are they just looking for information or are they ready to buy? Understanding intent will help you choose the right keywords.

Well-configured search campaigns include broad match keywords: dynamic search ads (DSA) and relevant search ads (RSA).
Keyword research
Researching, selecting and adding relevant keywords for your business must be an ongoing process. This process will optimise your website for search engines. Analyse your competitors' keywords and the backlinks they have to their websites. Research trends over the last six months using Google Trends. Use Google's keyword planner to find related keywords and study their average monthly search volume.

Website or landing page
Make sure your ads lead to an aesthetically pleasing and functional website. SEM should be part of your overall marketing strategy, not a separate tactic.

Use web analytics tools to track website visitors, clicks, conversions and other key metrics using AdWords or Google Analytics (GA).

Search engine marketing and online trading
Search engine marketing is a great way to find and attract new customers to your business. Using search engine marketing techniques, you can identify broad and narrow segments of your target audience - potential customers who are already interested in what you offer.

Oise Trade improves the positioning of clients' business websites and converts traffic into real customers. An effective Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy allows websites and online shops to achieve top search engine rankings and to appear among the first results in search engines.
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