Trend goods: pros and cons

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On the Oise Trade Limited blog we continue to talk about the types and categories of products that appear in e-commerce. In one of our previous articles we talked about seasonal products. In this article, we'll discuss how to work with trending products.
How Trend Products Develop
A trending product is one that is in high demand and remains popular for a period of time. Trendiness can be due to people's need for the product, fashion or the release of new technology. Trendy products are usually new to the market, which no one has heard of before, and which gain popularity because of some special feature. It can also be a product that has been talked about by a blogger with millions of subscribers. The popularity of a product can be linked to an event: the World Cup, the release of a new film, etc. (e.g. masks and costumes from the series "The Squid Game"). Demand can also be created by negative events. For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, antiseptics, protective masks, gloves, infrared thermometers and pulse oximeters were in demand.
How to find a trending product
Of course, it can be difficult for beginners to start their business with just trendy products. You need experience and intuition to choose a profitable product. The level of risk is quite high - make a mistake and you will be out of money. A good income will be earned by those who start working with trendy goods before other sellers.

Trend goods have a short life cycle. It can be as short as two or three months. A new seller sees that other Internet entrepreneurs are actively selling some goods, buys a batch, and then it turns out that demand has already started to fall. The market is saturated with these goods and the number of people willing to buy them is decreasing.

The Oise Trade dropshipping specialists have selected a few tips to help you analyse the market situation, determine the prospects of working with this or that product and decide what exactly you want to put on sale.
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How to find a trending product
  1. Spy services. There are many companies that offer trend tracking for online shops. These services are usually paid for. Here you need to analyse the data for the last few weeks. See how the number of adverts for this or that product is increasing and how long a particular advert has been running. If the advertiser has an increasing number of adverts, it means that this product is profitable for whoever is running the adverts.
  2. You can also find free content with valuable information on spy sites. For example, articles with a selection of trendy products or extensive trend reports. In their material, companies try not only to capture existing trends, but also to predict those that will emerge in the future.
  3. Checking CPA networks. In them you study all the novelties and top products. They check these goods in spy services and find out who has sold them and how successfully.
  4. Find products that are actively sold on major online marketplaces such as Amazon. Use Spy Services to check who is selling them and in which countries. Then decide whether or not you want to import these products into your country. 4.
  5. Track new products, special offers and best-selling items on Chinese online shops, especially giants such as Aliexpress and Alibaba.
It is necessary to enter the market at a time when demand for the product is growing. If the product is already being actively sold, it is risky to start working with it. By then the competition will have increased. It will still be possible to make some money, but it will not be much. There is also the risk of investing money in buying goods and then not having time to sell them because their popularity will have passed.

So, you have analysed a lot of information and selected a few products that you would like to launch in your country. Buy a small batch of products, launch them on your sites and test how they sell. Determine which of the test products will be in greatest demand and focus on working with them.

You can turn any new product into a trend. Soon everyone will be copying you and selling the same product. And you will have time to make good money.

If you have any questions, please contact the specialists at Oise Trade. You can find their contact details on the following link:
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