What are push notifications and how to use them?

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Push notifications are another traffic channel and an opportunity to get visitors back to your site. While some people think push notifications are useless spam, statistics show the opposite: they bring in 3 times more subscribers than email notifications, and their cost is more affordable than SMS. Most of the Oise Trade dropshipping's websites work with push messages and it is very beneficial.

What are push notifications?
They are small pop-ups on your mobile or PC that notify you about new content, order status, promotions, sales etc.
A notification consists of a header, a message text, a link to a specified page and a picture. The purpose of push notifications is to encourage users to return to the site. They appear in the bottom or top corner of the monitor and automatically disappear after a while.
There are several kinds of push notifications, depending on their content:
- Content. Announcements of new products, news, promotions and special offers;
- Transactional. Notifications informing about changes in order status, availability, and successful payment;
- Trigger messages. These are the ones that are triggered by a specific event. For example, you added an item to the cart, and then closed the application without making a purchase. Left the site, such a notification will offer to open the abandoned cart and complete the purchase.
Push notifications are a versatile tool. But they are most effective in the following industries:
- E-commerce;
- webinars and other online events;
- banks and insurance companies;
- news sites and blogs;
- delivery services;
- taxis and carriers.
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In every niche where businesses may depend on the speed of customer notification, this type of notification is simply irreplaceable. The main advantage of push notifications over email and SMS notifications is that there is no need to open any additional push notifications. A user will almost certainly read your message, unlike a standard email.

How do push notifications work?
When a user clicks the "Allow" button on the screen, they automatically subscribe to all push notifications. Subscription is done in a very simple way: no need to register and provide personal data - push notifications are bound to a user's ID.
Sending push notifications from a website is one of the fastest ways to ensure that users have access to a resource. Due to continuous technology adoption the tool keeps on developing intensively, and one of the priority directions is the tandem of the website and Progressive Web Apps.

Oise Trade will help with marketing campaign and publishing, notifying you of important news. Those who don't use quality technological tools today are clearly lagging far behind their competitors.
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